One of the great strengths of cinema is its ability to transcend beyond the screen and enable us to feel something real. It has the ability to touch both heart and mind and compel us to surrender completely to the power of the experience.

The film we are developing, Cahaya Terakhir, is a science fiction action film with humanistic values and real world scenarios which yearns to share an experience unlike any other.

This film charters the story of a female warrior from another world who journeys to Earth in search of her lost child, only to find herself imprisoned deep within the darkness of a human trafficking jungle camp in Southeast Asia. Now, she and her child must struggle to fight for their freedom or risk facing death in the clutches of ruthless human traffickers.

Ultimately, this is a story about Hope, Survival, and Humanity.

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that is still very much prevalent in Southeast Asia today. Tens of thousands of displaced immigrants leave their homes, braving the sea in search of a better life. Hundreds perish at sea every year due to starvation or disease. Those who survive, fall into the hands of human traffickers and their futures are at best, bleak. 

Armed with our research of real life experiences of displaced immigrants in actual jungle camps, we hope to bring awareness to a world that is very rarely explored in the visceral visual medium of cinema.

The science fiction element in this film is a metaphor upon the idea of alienation.

By exploring this world through the eyes of a foreign being not from our world, we are able to give an audience a first-hand experience of what it’s like for someone who does not come from a particular nation nor is tied down by government laws and borders, to experience truth and humanity in its purest form.

The audience will go on a journey which will transcend cultural barriers, and they will leave with the idea that all humanity is one and the same.

At the end of it all, what truly matters is the survival of each other. Hope is always alight, if we allow ourselves to see it.


Abhilash Chandra


Jorik Dozy


Sean Lin

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